Munich Airport proudly signed the Charter of Diversity

Globalization and demographic changes

September 14, 2020

In today’s world diversity is more present than ever. This includes the diversity of our workforces as well as the diverse needs of our customers and business partners. By implementing the German Charter of Diversity in our organization, we aim to create a work environment free of prejudice, respecting all colleagues and partners irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age, and sexual preference and identity.

When taking manifold perspectives into account, diversity management creates an important precondition: it conveys the competence to work together successfully in diverse working groups with varying talents, resulting in new opportunities and innovative solutions. We are convinced that practicing and appreciating diversity will not only have a positive impact on the overall society, but will also significantly affect our company’s success

Employees of Munich Airport positioned as an M.
Logo of the German Charter of Diversity

We commit ourselves to

  1. fostering a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation of every single individual
  2. validating and ensuring that our human resource processes are compatible with the diverse competencies, abilities and talents of our employees
  3. recognizing the diversity of society inside and outside our organization, appreciating the intrinsic potential residing in it, and endeavoring to utilize it profitably for our business
  4. ensuring that the implementation of the Charter will be a subject of internal and external communication
  5. publicizing our own activities and progress in promoting diversity on an annual basis
  6. and keeping our own employees and colleagues informed about diversity and actively involved in implementing the Charter

By now, over 3.600 companies have signed the German Charter of Diversity and support an appreciative and unbiased working environment. In addition, there are many other similar initiatives within Europe – all of which have joined forces in 2010 and together form the EU Platform of Diversity Charters coordinated by the European Commission.

Munich Airport is proud to have signed the Charter and is flying the #flagfordiversity