Charging electric vehicles

How you can conveniently charge your electric vehicle at Munich Airport

We offer you a range of options for charging your electric vehicle while it is parked:

Self-Service parking and charging

In the parking garage P20, we are offering a total of 34 charging points on level 02. In order to find the charging area, please follow the signs in the parking garage. The charging as well as the payment procedure are connected via the barcode on the parking ticket and are thus tied to the parking process. To start charging, please hold the barcode on your parking ticket in front of the scanner on the eSelector and select the charging point to which your car is connected. Payment for electricity and possible parking fees is to be made before leaving the car park, please use one of the automated pay stations. The price per kWh is EUR 0.49. The total amount will be rounded down to the closest full Euro or 50 Cent figure. The charging infrastructure can also be used in connection with an online booking: please use the parking ticket, which you obtain when entering the parking garage, as described above. Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a charging point in advance.

Charging options with service

Parking and charging service

Hand over your vehicle to one of our employees in the Premium parking in multi-storey car park P20, level 06 between 5 a.m. and midnight. You take off relaxed, we charge your e-car while you are away and then park it again in the car park P20. The "parking and charging service" is particularly suitable for parking periods longer than 48 hours. In addition to the parking rate, this service is charged at a flat rate of EUR 49.00.

Premium parking and charging service

Would you like additional services for your electric vehicle as well as charging? In the separate Premium Parking area for convenience and security parking in Car Park P20, Level 06, we offer you additional services such as car washes or interior cleaning for an added fee as well as charging and parking your vehicle. Further information can be found at Premium Parking.

Valet e-charging and parking service - bookable online

Are you in a hurry to get to your gate and you want your vehicle charged? With this service, we pick up your electric vehicle in the terminals curbside zones already. We then park your electric car and charge it for you while you are gone. This service includes unlimited parking time with a service charge of EUR 74.00.

You can also book the valet e-charging service in advance for added convenience: 

Book Valet E-Charge Service online


We recommend switching off vehicle systems that are running in the background during longer idle periods. This can influence the charge level.

Surcharge for electric charging (in addition to regular parking fee)                       

Self-Service Charging
Parking and charging serviceValet e-charging and parking service

0.49 EUR / kWh
(Total amount will be on
EUR 0.50 rounded)

Service charge
EUR 49.00
Service charge
EUR 74.00

New parking spaces are available at Munich Airport to charge your electric car