Munich Airport Cargo

In 1992, when Munich Airport first opened, the annual airfreight volume was approximately 80,000 tons. Today, with an annual volume of around 400,000 tons, it is the biggest cargo airport in southern Germany and also serves as a cargo gateway for businesses throughout south-eastern Europe.

As a major airfreight hub, Munich Airport's state-of-the art cargo infrastructure can handle all of the challenges of modern airfreight logistics. Moreover, the airport's large catchment area boasts a mix of premium industries and an upscale consumer market.

Naturally we understand the importance of airfreight services for the export-driven industries in southern Germany, and are looking ahead by planning further expansion projects as well as automated solutions. We have made the development of the freight segment an integral part of our strategic planning.

The gateway for your freight

An excellent outlook – for your cargo, too

  • »Fast in - fast out«: unbeatable turnaround times thanks to our unrivalled cargo infrastructure.
  • The world's most important commercial centers are linked to Munich with more than 300 long-haul connections per week.
  • Munich is firmly established as the biggest cargo hub in southern Germany. To meet future challenges, Munich Airport is continually pursuing expansion opportunities.
  • All of the key players, from handling agents and freight forwarders to customs services, are under one roof.

Markus Heinelt

Markus Heinelt

Business Division Aviation
Director Traffic Development Cargo