Air quality

Immission measurements, biomonitoring and honey monitoring

We use three different methods to evaluate air quality. Along with instrument-based pollutant measurements in accordance with the 39th German Pollution Impact Ordinance (BIMschV), we investigate plants (biomonitoring) and a foodstuff produced by insects in the environment (honey monitoring). 

This three-fold investigation, extending far beyond common practices, is intended to cover the broadest possible range of substances and possible influences.

Measured emissions

Assessment of air quality with technical instruments pursuant to Section 39 of the German Pollution Impact Ordinance (BImSchV) at stationary and mobile measurement sites in and around the airport.


Investigation of airborne pollutants for possible effects on the use of land for agricultural and gardening purposes in the area around Munich Airport.

Honey monitoring 

Complementing the technical measurements and biomonitoring through the investigation of residual traces in foodstuffs produced directly in the environment.

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