IoT – Secure Design and Operation

Although it might be hard to describe what the Internet of Things actually is, all peers have one aspect in common: Connectivity. Whether looking at cars, smart appliances, cameras or industrial control systems all these devices communicate with some central system or eventually expose their ‘legacy’ functionality via IP. Adding communication to a well-known device always poses certain risks, as the internet has many more visitors than a usual kitchen would have.


This course will give an insight into the technical implications of turning a normal device into an IoT device. It covers all steps from device development, through the release to market and down to the end of life. For each step the typical challenges and pitfalls will be highlighted. Also an overview of currently available solutions and technologies will be given. A selection of issues will be demonstrated in practice to give an understanding about actual risks


Part 0: The World of IoT

  • History
  • Current Technology
  • Outlook & Various Examples

Part I:

  • Hardware Components
  • Controllers & Memory
  • Modules
  • Interfaces & Connectivity
  • LAN, Wi-Fi / WLAN
  • Cellular - GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Backend Technologies

  • OpenSource and Commercial approaches:
  • Backend Security
  • Concentrators and Data Collectors

Part II: The Backend

  • Transport vs. Application Layer

Part III: Communications

  • Protocols
  • Encryption and Obfuscation
  • Debugging and Programming

  • Enclosures and Maintenance
  • Software Components
  • Firmware
  • Updates
  • Interfaces and Data Exchange
  • Overview: Various Connectivity
  • SubGHz RF, LoRa, ZigBeeZ-Wave

Part IV: Product Lifecycle & Security

  • Applying Product Security
  • Quality Assurance and Security
  • Incident Response & Recovery
  • Patching and Updating

Target group

The training is aimed at a very diverse audience. It will give inspiration to developers but also give decision makers and marketing an in depth understanding on how things work and which aspects need to be monitored throughout the complete lifecycle of an IoT device.

At a glance

  • Form of learning: Classroom training
  • Location: Munich Airport
  • Language: English


On request

Duration: 2 days


1.990,- € plus 19% VAT

Price includes event attendance, food and drinks during the event.


  • ISH - Information Security Hub

  • Street Südallee 1 
  • Zip code / City 85356   Munich Airport


Team International Training

AirportAcademy - Munich Airport