Sister Airports

Sister Airports: International network

Sharing knowledge, collecting ideas, exchanging experiences: Munich Airport has a global network of eight partner airports. Regular exchange programs enable experts from a wide range of business fields to get to know the work of colleagues around the world and share their knowledge and experience. In addition to exchanging professional experience, participants can expand their intercultural, linguistic and social skills and build long-term relationships at a personal and professional level.

The exclusive network of Sister Airports includes airports in:

Inspiration for personal work

On site at the Sister Airports, participants in the exchange program meet their professional counterparts, accompany them, pick up on good ideas and let others benefit from their own know-how. What the participants at Munich Airport learn there, they pass on to their teams and idea management, so that the entire Group benefits from it.

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Over the years we have established a unique professional and socio-cultural exchange.

Theresa Fleidl

Head of Sister Airport Cooperations


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Worldwide network: Overview of partner airports

Denver International Airport

The longest Sister Airport partnership: Denver International Airport (DIA) is located about 40 kilometers northeast of Denver in the US state of Colorado. The airport covers an area of 13,780 hectares, making it the second largest airport in the world in terms of size. It has six runways and can be extended by six additional runways.

Cooperation since: 1991


  • Jeppesen-Terminal at Denver Airport © Denver International Airport

Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya

The Sister Airport was awarded the title "Best Regional Airport" and handles about 11 million passengers a year. The airport is located on an artificial island 33 kilometers south of the Japanese city of Nagoya.

Cooperation since: 1994


  • Chubu Centrair International Airport, Nagoya

Airports of Thailand, Bangkok

The Thai airport operator manages numerous airports in Thailand. One of them is Suvarnabhumi Airport in the capital Bangkok, which means "Golden Land".

Cooperation since: 2009


  • Bangkok Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

A butterfly garden with a view of the taxiway, an aquarium, an indoor waterfall and numerous works of art: Singapore Changi Airport has a lot to offer that you cannot find at other airports. This is one of the reasons why its passengers chose it as the best airport in the world. According to the London-based aviation institute Skytrax, Munich is also one of the best airports in the world and the first five-star airport in Europe.

Cooperation since: 2010


  • Terminal 3 - Kerbside & Facade at Changi Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport

In the capital Beijing, Munich Airport has two gigantic partner airports operated by the Chinese company Capital Airports: Beijing Capital International Airport with 100 million passengers and Beijing Daxing Airport, built for 100 million future passengers.

Cooperation since: 2011


  • Airview of Beijing Airport

Airports Company South Africa

The airport operator Airports Company South Africa operates a total of nine airports throughout South Africa, including Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Cooperation since: 2015


  • Cape Town Airport, ACSA

Moskow Domodedovo Airport

Moskow Domodedovo Airport is located south of the metropolis of Moscow, 35 kilometres from the city centre. With its two terminals and two parallel runways, it is Russia's second largest airport.

Cooperation currently dormant


  • Moskow Domodedovo Airport