Project: Munich Airport and residential development

Housing development

Munich Airport's efforts to provide housing for airport employees will involve several municipal authorities. The main group whose housing needs are to be addressed are the employees of the FMG Group, i.e. the airport authority. To secure the airport's strategic growth, the needs of employees on the airport campus will also be taken into account.

An appropriate mix of residents within the various areas is a priority for FMG. Consequently, the allocation of residential units will be handled centrally by FMG itself. Taking into account the available household incomes in the lower salary brackets, limits have been set for the maximum overall costs (gross rental costs including utilities).

This requires a model that is economically viable for FMG in every respect, combined with stringent energy conservation standards and sustainable building materials. Particular emphasis is placed on attractive architecture in the overall urban planning context.

The residential property development of FMG will take place in the form of an investor model, with FMG as the general lessor. These activities are not intended to generate profits for FMG.

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