Occupational medicine

Occupational health and safety at Munich Airport

It is not only the Occupational Health and Safety Act that requires measures to protect employees. Companies are also, quite rightly, placing greater emphasis on preserving employees' health and ability to work. In particular against the backdrop of demographic changes and a growing number of older employees, companies are well advised to act promptly and take appropriate health and safety measures.

To support you, the occupational medicine offers a broad spectrum of medical services. This includes extensive expertise in assessing the working environment from a preventive standpoint and advising companies on proactive approaches to promoting their employees' health and performance.

Depend on occupational medicine in all areas of occupational healthcare.

Staff member of occupational and aviation medicine at Munich Airport

Basic service

Occupational and aviation medicine reception

  • Assessment of workplaces and working conditions, including risk analysis

  • Advice on new tools, machines, working processes and hazardous materials

  • Advice on questions of accident protection and occupational safety

  • Support with task design, workplace safety and ergonomics

Workplace-specific support

Ground handling staff loading an aircraft

  • Assessing workplaces and establishments with special health and safety risks
  • Support for health campaigns
  • Anti-stress measures
  • Advice on dealing with demographic change


Staff member of ground handling

  • Occupational health check-ups for early diagnosis of occupational illnesses and health problems
  • Education and advice for employees
  • Recommendations for preventive measures

BEM/GEM (onboarding management)

Ramp attendants guide pilots when maneuvering on the apron. 

  • Onboarding management for employees with health limitations
  • Prevention of repeated sick leave
  • Recommendations for possible rehabilitation measures and for healthy workplace design
  • Advice in incremental re-integration of employees after extended sick leave

Psychological risk assessment

Tower window cleaning

  • Support in risk analysis for psychological stress
  • Support of company departments in occupational stress situations
  • Assessment of working conditions and environmental factors (noise, ergonomics)

Fitness and suitability

Tower staff member

  • Occupational fitness and suitability checkups
  • Suitability assessment for aviation security staff
  • Check-ups for vehicle operators / Driving License Regulation (car, truck, taxi, bus)
  • Examinations as required under the X-ray and Radiation Protection Regulation
  • Diving fitness examinations under the Compressed Air Regulation (DruckLV)
  • Fitness assessments for athletic activity
  • Flight fitness examinations (cockpit and cabin crew)


Occupational and aviation medicine

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Head physician

Dr. med. Stefan Fricke
Dr. med. Stefan Fricke

Team coordinator

Alexandra Marcelino
Alexandra Marcelino