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Approved aeromedical examination practice

Flying is one of the world's safest modes of transportation. This is of course due to a very large extent to the high quality and safety standards in aircraft design and maintenance and in air traffic control. The regular health check-ups of your flight crew and cabin crew members also play an important role in aviation safety.

We help by serving as an aviation medical examination practice and conducting medical fitness assessments as defined in Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1178/2011. Under this European regulation, all pilot license holders must undergo medical fitness assessments.

Of course, you are also welcome to get your medical fitness checkup as a private pilot. 

Jet airplane

Cabin Crew Medicals


As part of our aeromedical activities, we offer medical fitness assessments for pilots and cabin crew members.

  • EASA Medicals Class 1
  • Cabin Crew Medicals
  • Flight service fitness (FDT)
  • Health check-ups (G20 hearing check-up, BGI768)
  • Check-up for work assignment to foreign location under special climatic and health stresses (G35)

ADM checks

MediCare use modern equipment for alcohol, drug or medication checks

Pilots are subject to pre-flight spot checks for alcohol, drug or medication use.

Since Section 20 of the Aviation Act (LuftVG) came into effect in April 2017, it has been mandatory for airlines to conduct such checks.

We offer these checks for all airlines registered in Germany.


Occupational and aviation medicine

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Head physician

Dr. med. Stefan Fricke
Dr. med. Stefan Fricke

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Alexandra Marcelino