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Right talent and skill sets are key

Any airport is only as good as the people who work there. Staff are not only vital in keeping the airport running in a safe and smooth manner or making airport customers happy. Personnel cost also makes up for a significant portion of an airport’s annual OPEX. The global industry’s labor market is tight. Good talent is hard to get and even harder to retain. Training is a key enabler for maximizing the potential of the employees working at an airport and for creating a culture of highest safety and security standards as well as best in class service delivery.

Take your workforce to the next level

The Munich Airport Academy offers training services for young professionals or newcomers to the industry as well as C-level executive managers. Our training courses range from basic to advanced airport operations, from safety to security and cover leadership programs in addition to tailor-made best practice exchange programs with exclusive access to seasoned industry experts from Munich Airport.

Book your individual training need analysis prior to signing-up for one of our training programs to make sure that your staff develops just the skills you need for building organizational resilience.

Rendering of the new Airport Academy, which Munich Airport is currently building on campus. © Auer Weber & Flughafen München GmbH