The charm of selling worldwide

Meet Christopher Liese

Former Sales Associate at MAI and now Business Analyst at the US-based joint venture Reach Airports

October 28, 2019

I started my bachelor studies in Aviation Management with the intention of becoming an aviation professional in the field of international business. Thriving in a multicultural environment and having completed a specialized MBA in International Business Management, I took the next step towards my career goal and started my position as Sales Associate at Munich Airport International (MAI) last year.

When working in Sales at MAI, there is no such thing as a daily routine. Every single day is different and it never gets boring. Plus, you get to talk to clients and become familiar with projects in countries that you might have never even heard of. My role as Sales Associate is usually based in Munich, where I coordinate the preparation of proposals, conduct market analyses and support our Sales Directors with the overall market strategies. This includes reading through a variety of tender portals and industry websites to research potential prospects and keep up-to-date on the latest market developments. Furthermore, another key point our Sales team focusses on is the overall customer relationship management. We at MAI believe in the importance of a strong, long-term relationship with our clients. As a “people business” trust, reliability and professionalism are essential to successfully work together with our customers at eye level.

Christopher Liese, Business Analyst at Reach Airports
Chris was Sales Associate at MAI and now took the opportunity to work for MAI's joint venture Reach Airports in the United States. © Munich Airport International GmbH
  • The United States Capitol, Washington D.C., USA.
    The United States Capitol in Washington D.C. © Pixabay
  • Christopher Liese in Washington, D.C., USA
    Chris on his way to his new office in Washington, D.C., USA. © Munich Airport International GmbH

To grow and expand the international footprint of Munich Airport in the North American market, MAI established the joint venture Reach Airports together with CAG Holdings earlier this year. Especially during the start-up phase, this meant “all hands on deck”. I spent about five weeks in New York City to develop a proposal for a project pursuit in the US. A challenging task, as there was lots of transatlantic communication involved between the experts on-site and our team at the Munich office. In the end, we pulled it off right before the deadline and managed to submit a compelling bid document.

As I got more involved in the US activities, I was offered the possibility to permanently work in the United States. In October 2019, I moved to Washington, D.C. to start a position at Reach Airports. In my role as business analyst, I am responsible for growing the company’s customer base by working on complex bids and proposals. Overall, this is an exciting opportunity for me to bring Munich Airport’s strengths to the North American market and to grow the company into a successful player across the pond!