Our values

Employees of Munich Airport positioned as an M.

Principles uniting us in delivering 5-star services

Five values determine our company’s identity. These values unite us in delivering our promise. They guide us in any interaction with colleagues, clients, business partners and third party stakeholders. We consider these values the foundation of our code of conduct.

  • EXPERTISE: We strive to excel in what we do by constantly refining our knowledge and skills. We aim at exceeding our clients’ expectations.
  • RELIABILITY: We live up to our promise and deliver in time and quality. We foster an atmosphere of acceptance and mutual trust.
  • TEAMWORK: We build on collaboration and stakeholder engagement in achieving our goals.
  • PASSION: We are passionate about aviation and ardent to shape the future of our industry.
  • DIVERSITY: We deeply respect existing diversity in our clients’ organization as well as our own workforce, and are committed to the standards of the German Charter of Diversity.
Logo of the German Charter of Diversity

Charter of diversity

In today’s world diversity is more present than ever. This includes the diversity of our workforces as well as the diverse needs of our customers and business partners. By implementing the German Charter of Diversity in our organization, we aim to create a work environment free of prejudice, respecting all colleagues and partners irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or worldview, disability, age, and sexual preference and identity.

When taking manifold perspectives into account, diversity management creates an important precondition: it conveys the competence to work together successfully in diverse working groups with varying talents, resulting in new opportunities and innovative solutions. We are convinced that practicing and appreciating diversity will not only have a positive impact on the overall society, but will also significantly affect our company’s success.