Coming together at MAI's home base

MAI workshop takes place in Munich

October 31, 2019

Most of Munich Airport International's (MAI) employees are spread around the world. While some work in the office at Munich Airport, the consultants and terminal managers are abroad in New York, Honduras, Bermuda or Saudi Arabia, for example. The colleagues often do not see each other for months, meaning most of the communication takes place via email, telephone or video chat.

That's why the yearly workshop is particularly important for the international business subsidiary of Munich Airport. In October this year, the complete MAI team came together at their home base to not only discuss successfully completed and current projects, but also to further develop internal processes and strategies.

Despite all the work, the fun factor was not neglected. In the spirit of "MAI goes USA" - referring to the recently founded US-based subsidiaries - MAI organized a small baseball tournament. After a brief introduction by the professionals of the Erding baseball club Mallards, four teams were formed and the tournament began. It was a neck-and-neck race. Each team was full of energy and fought to the very end. A fantastic American experience!

  • Baseball - a great experience for the whole MAI team. © Munich Airport International GmbH
  • The professionals of the Erding baseball club Mallards introduced the basic baseball rules to the MAI team. 
    Professionals from the Erding Mallards gave a short intro of the baseball rules. © Munich Airport International GmbH
  • Munich Airport International's team event - a baseball tournament - took place at the homebase of the Erding baseball club Mallards. 
    As part of the MAI workshop an exciting baseball tournament took place. © Munich Airport International GmbH