About us

Trusted partner for smart money and ambitious airports

Munich Airport International (MAI) offers airport management, consulting and training services worldwide. Over the past 30 years Munich Airport Group has evolved from being the leading ORAT service provider to a global airport operator.

Together with our affiliated companies, we have a proven track record of more than 125 successfully delivered projects across more than 45 countries. We are recognized as trusted partner for smart money and ambitious airports throughout the world.

MAI provides best practice solutions for the entire airport life cycle, including bid advisory services for airport privatizations, airport masterplan and design, operational readiness and airport transfer (ORAT), efficient and sustainable airport operations, optimization of aviation and non-aviation revenues, tailor-made training programs, as well as comprehensive airport management.

Tower of Munich Airport in Bavaria, Germany
Munich Airport's 5-star quality together with MAI's international experience form the basis for successful best practice solutions. © Flughafen München GmbH

Our evolution

In May 1992 Munich Airport (FMG) moved from the city center Riem to its current site in an unprecedented overnight operation. This success and the associated reputation of the project laid the foundation for Munich's international business activities.

Soon there were inquiries from different parts of the world: other airports requested support for planning a smooth airport transfer or airport opening. The so called "Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer" (ORAT) service was born and Munich Airport started sharing its "Made in Germany" expertise with other airports, airlines and partners across the globe. Over the years, FMG's service portfolio grew alongside its international business activities and soon covered the entire life cycle of an airport.

In August 2017 this expertise was transferred into a 100% subsidiary, Munich Airport International GmbH (MAI) - now exclusively responsible for the international management, consulting and training business of Munich Airport Group. By now the company has diversified even further and has evolved from leading ORAT service provider to global airport operator with more than 100 airport experts worldwide.

  • 1992: Opening of the new Munich Airport
  • 2003: Opening of the Terminal 2 at Munich Airport
  • 2010: Foundation of the international business department
  • 2016: Opening of the T2 Satellite building at Munich Airport
  • 2017: Foundation of Munich Airport International GmbH
  • 2019: Acquisition of amd.sigma strategic airport development GmbH
  • 2019: Takeover of operations at Terminal A at Newark Liberty Int. Airport (EWR)
  • 2020: Takeover of operations at Toncontín International Airport (TGU)
  • 2021: Takeover of operations at Sofia Airport (SOF)
  • 2021: Opening and operations of the new Palmerola International Airport (XPL)
Munich Airport in Riem (1992)
In only 16 hours Munich Airport moved from Riem to Erdinger Moos. This was the largest move of this size in the European aviation industry to date. © Flughafen München GmbH