High, Higher, Highest

The tower of St. Peter’s Church (completed in 1181) extends to a height of 91 meters in the heart of Munich. Once you’ve climbed up its 306 steps, you’re rewarded with a fascinating view of the Town Hall and the famous Cathedral of Our Dear Lady (Frauenkirche). Following minor renovations the tower, affectionately dubbed “Old Pete”, will reopen in mid-April for everyone to take advantage of who is interested in seeing Munich from a different perspective.

Experience nature up close by riding in the new cable cars of the renovated Zugspitze aerial lift! Having reopened on December 21, 2017 following three years of construction, it provides a 360° panoramic view.

It also stands out with three world records. One is the longest distance between towers, 3,213 meters. The second is the greatest difference in height within a single section, at nearly 2000 meters. And the third is the world’s tallest steel aerial lift pylon, measuring 127 meters from bottom to top. When you arrive at the summit, you get to take in a sweeping view that spans four countries. In the winter there is fresh powder snow all around that’s ideal for skiing or sledding, and in the summertime you can go for a hike on a glacier and leave your footprints in eternal ice. After a day of vigorous exercise and nonstop experiences, a traditional Bavarian Brotzeit (a meal of hearty bread with cold meats, cheese etc.) is an absolute must. Discover the world at the top of the Zugspitze at an elevation of 2,962 meters.

If you prefer to get your adrenaline flowing with something a bit more exciting, experience bodyflight in the Munich FlyStation, where advanced technology lets you hover in the air inside a wind tunnel.

The tower of St. Peter’s Church 
Munich FlyStation