General terms and conditions for the use of parking garages and parking spaces with online booking

1. Booking process

1.1. At Munich Airport's online booking site, you can easily booking your parking online in advance. Vendors and contractors, the Munich Airport, legally represented by the Managing Director Jost Lammers, Nathalie Leroy and Jan-Henrik Andersson, Nordallee 25, 85326 München-Flughafen (hereinafter also "we"). For questions or problems concerning your booking or parking operation you can contact our Park Service at (+49 89 975 22 2,, on the ground in the parking office in the Munich Airport Centre or via the intercom at the parking meters and at the entrance gate / exit barriers.

1.2. By "dates" you have to select when you arrive and when you want to leave again. Parking reservations can not be accepted less than 1 hour in advance. You can book a parking process for a maximum of 62 days; certain tariffs can only be booked for a shorter period of time.

1.3. Under "Choose your space", the search results will display the available parking areas - parking garages or outdoor parking - with the prices you can book online. You may then select your parking area. If your vehicle is above 2.00 metres tall, you cannot park in our indoor parking garages so please choose our parking P41.

1.4. During the next step, you will be required to enter your personal data. You can also easily create a new account (by clicking on 'Register') or log into your existing account (by clicking on 'My Account'). Once you have entered your personal data, you will then be required to enter your credit card details or you can make the payment via the payment service provider PayPal. By clicking 'Confirm payment', you will be entering into a firm contract with Munich Airport.

1.5. The booking is confirmed when the website returns a booking reference number. You will also be provided with an email confirmation, containing essential information on your reservation, sent directly to your e-mail address. At this point, we have accepted your payment and your parking booking has been concluded. Upon booking completion, we will charge your credit card the specified parking fee. If your email confirmation does not arrive within a few minutes, please check your Spam folder. If no confirmation is sent, please contact our Customer Service Parking Centre (+49 89 975 22 2,

2. Cancelling or changing your booking, no legal right of withdrawal

2.1. If you can receive a booking directly on our portal, you can easily cancel a cancelable booking online. This is not gilded, it is stated in the tariff description of the personal contact that it is non-cancellable. The parking fee will be refunded to the associated credit card account. Cancellation of your booking within 24 hours of the booked entrance date/time will incur a cancellation fee of €15 incl. VAT. The remaining balance of the booking will be refunded to your credit card or paypal account. Once the booked entrance date/time has been reached, no charge shall be refunded. We will confirm the cancellation to your e-mail address.

2.2. A completed booking can up to 24 hours before the booked entry time be amended - for example, to another parking area or another parking time - if the booking was made directly on our website Bookings made through other providers cannot be rebooked via the Customer Service Center at Munich Airport (KSC). Please cancel your booking in this case and book your parking again. There is no guarantee that new bookings will be possible at the same tariff, depending on availability, only a higher tariff may be available. After the booked entry time, rebooking is no longer possible, regardless of whether the parking process has started or whether no entry has been made (no start of the booking). In these cases the cancellation conditions according to 2.1 apply.

2.3. The legal right of revocation for consumers is excluded, as your parking reservation refers to a certain period (§ 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 9 BGB).

3. Using your parking booking

3.1. Please print out the booking confirmation and carry this with you. The booking confirmation contains a QR code. At the entrance of your chosen car park, hold the QR code up to the local QR code reader. The barrier has been informed in advance that you have paid for your parking online so will produce a paid ticket and will open the entrance barrier. If you have problems, please call the Parking Office on the intercom and provide your booking number.

3.2. To exit within the reserved parking period, show your ticket at the exit barrier.

3.3. Your booking is only valid for a single parking period. It is not valid for recurring parking during the booked period.

4. Deviations from the parking period booked

4.1. Customers arriving later later than the booked entrance time do not lose their reservation. However, the end of the booked and paid parking period will not be extended accordingly. For the un-used parking period no payment will be refunded.

4.2. If you exceed the parking period booked, please enter your parking ticket at a parking pay machine before exiting the car park - the parking pay machine will calculate any overstay charge. where appropriate..After payment you can exit the parking area. An extension of the parking period booked online is not possible at any time. The parking fee for this can then be several times higher than the price for a correspondingly longer online booking time. If at the time of the online booking you do not know for sure when you will return, we recommend booking a correspondingly longer parking period online in advance in case of doubt.

5. Using the bus and suburban train

5.1. Your parking ticket also covers you and your fellow passengers for free return travel on the bus and S-Bahn lines of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association MVV for the purposes of travelling between the parking area and the airport terminals. The transfer is free of charge for all travelers. Simply show your parking ticket if requested. The parking ticket is automatically issued at the entrance to the parking area at the barrier. Please keep this well.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1. Your personal data is collected, stored and processed by us (Munich Airport), our system provider Aeroparker (UK Ltd.) and integrated Credit Card acquirer or payment service, exclusively for the purposes of booking and paying for your parking space. Any use of your parking data outside of this is anonymous and is analysed for statistical purposes only. If you register with us, in order to collect and store your personal information, you will be asked if you consent to having your data stored for marketing purposes. You can delete your customer account or revoke individual consent at any time. We also refer you to our general Privacy Policy.

6.2. In addition to these specific conditions, please refer to our general terms for parking at Munich Airport (PDF). Terms and Conditions on your part do not apply, even if we know such and not expressly contradict them.

6.3. The Parking contractual relationship is subject to German law to the exclusion of provisions of international private law, the CISG or other international regulations. The place of fulfilment of mutual obligations of the parking contract is the Munich airport site. The jurisdiction of both parties is based solely on this performance.

6.4. Our terms and conditions apply in the German version. Versions in other languages are only translations.

6.5. Should our terms and conditions be partially invalid, the remainder of the contract is not therefore ineffective.

6.6. For more information, please see our FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions.