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EFM has specialized in aircraft moving (pushback and towing), de-icing and air conditioning services since 1992. Each year, our 150 tractor drivers and de-icers move more than 200,000 aircraft and carry out up to 15,000 de-icing operations. As a subsidiary of Lufthansa and Flughafen München GmbH we treat quality and the satisfaction of our customers as our top priority while strictly limiting the environmental impact of our operations.

We also share our expertise with other groundhandling companies, airports and airlines. We provide training, act as consultants and offer technical support.

EFM was formed more than 30 years ago. Since then it has become a fixed feature of operations at Munich Airport, providing reliable performance for its customers and partners at all times. In the de-icing segment we have an excellent world-wide reputation. This is reflected in the many customers and colleagues from all over the globe who visit us to learn about our unique de-icing system, the only one of its kind on this scale anywhere in the world.

Our profile is defined by our customer-oriented approach, flexibility, qualified and motivated staff, the use of new equipment and technologies to ensure economical operations and the highest safety standards, and a commitment to protect the environment. Emblematic of our approach are our quality management under ISO 9001 and our environmental management under ISO 14001.

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Jörg Abel EFM

Jörg Abel

Managing director of EFM - Gesellschaft für Enteisen und Flugzeugschleppen am Flughafen München mbH

Pushback and Towing - We move aircraft

We offer walkout and single man pushback. In a walkout, the tractor driver is accompanied by a walkout assistant. The walkout assistant handles communications between the tractor driver and the cockpit and is responsible for safety during pushback and engine start-up.

Single man pushback is handled by the tractor driver alone. The tractor driver is in direct contact with the cockpit and apron control, and also performs the tasks of the walkout assistant. This ensures a faster and more economical pushback.

In addition to pushbacks, we also offer repositioning operations (from one parking position to another) and maintenance towing operations (from the handling aprons to the hangar area). Repositioning and maintenance towing are carried out without passengers and crews on board.

For pushback and towing operations we utilize state-of-the-art towing tractors, among them towbar tractors produced by Trepel and Schopf and towbarless tractors produced by Goldhofer and Kalmar.

De-icing - We get aircraft ready for take-off

Towing and de-icing

Safety is the top priority in aviation – in summer and winter. Consequently, aircraft must be cleared of ice and snow before take-off. The aircraft de-icing system at Munich Airport is the only one of its kind in the world. The Munich method ensures safe, speedy, economical and environmentally friendly aircraft deicing. The EFM de-icing fleet consists of state-of-the-art Vestergaard de-icing vehicles.

At Munich Airport almost all aircraft are de-iced just before take-off with their engines running at special de-icing pads (the remote areas) at the heads of the runways. Each aircraft is simultaneously de-iced by several de-icing vehicles. Because of the proximity of the remote areas to the runway, they have the advantage that aircraft can take off within the shortest possible time after being de-iced.

The de-icing pads are provided with a recovery system for de-icing fluids. In our recycling facility used de-icing fluid is regenerated to produce fresh fluid. EFM covers up to 70 percent of its annual requirements for Type I de-icing fluid.

Air conditioning - We maintain pleasant temperatures

If an aircraft is on the ground for an extended period, the interior must sometimes be heated or cooled, depending on the weather. For air conditioning purposes, EFM has state-of-the-art air conditioning vehicles and heating units. This equipment feeds warm or cool air into the aircraft’s own ventilation system through a hose connected to special inlets on the aircraft.

The air conditioning vehicles can provide fast and easy air conditioning for aircraft of almost any size. The heating units can be used for heating purposes and for de-icing turbine blades and propellers.

Consulting - We share our expertise

Pushing A380 from Emirates

Other ground handling service providers, airports,airlines and manufacturers of towing and de-icing equipment can benefit from our experience. From training to consultation – we can deliver the support you need!

We offer onsite training in German and English in the form of conventional classroom training and hands-on training. In addition, we can be on hand with advice and consultation, for example through onsite studies of de-icing processes and optimization opportunities.

We guarantee quality

Customer satisfaction is our highest quality objective and is the guiding principle for all of our activities. Our quality management (QM) is a key element of our working processes – both in our operations and administration. This benefits our customers, who can rely on a consistently high standard for all of EFM's services.

We care about the environment

Environmental responsibility is a defining aspect of our commitment to quality. We have integrated environmental protection into our quality management system. This means taking full account of environmental concerns in our day-to-day activities and when planning new projects. In our fleet, for example, we are increasingly focusing on electromobility and already have several electric towing vehicles and electric de-icing vehicles in use.

Recycling - turning the old into new

Environmental protection is a top priority for EFM. Consequently, at Munich Airport we recover de-icing fluid and regenerate it in our recycling facility to produce fresh fluid. EFM covers up to 70 percent of its annual requirements for Type I de-icing fluid through recycling.

Recycling has a practical side effect: The recycling process generates heat as a byproduct. This “waste heat” is used to keep Munich Airport warm.



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