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From the ramp to the ticket desk, and from the check-in desk to the arrival service: aerogate is your premium provider for passenger, operations and lost and found services.

You can rely on our highly qualified, customer-focused and flexible staff. Our first-class training standards create a solid foundation for excellent performance, efficient processes and maximum safety across our full range of services – flight preparation and DCS, operations, passenger and ticketing services, baggage delivery, as well as consulting and training. This is proven by being the only passenger handling service provider at Munich Airport with certification under the IATA Safety Audit (ISAGO) process.

Your customized handling package

Our services are for not only scheduled and charter flights: aerogate also offers tailor-made services to meet your individual needs. Our trained team is on hand to ensure smooth operations and a pleasant stay at MUC for the passengers and crew. Contact us to get your personalized offer.

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Passenger handling

  • passenger and baggage check-in using various DCSs
  • check of entry regulations and inspection of required entry documents/visas
  • queue management
  • support staff for self-service check-in machines
  • day-before check-in
  • concierge service
  • boarding coordination
  • flight close-out
  • boarding control
  • HOTAC and transportation planning, voucher distribution, etc.

Ticketing services

  • IATA agent (reservations and ticket sales through AMADEUS for all airlines)
  • IATA ticketing with airline-specific reservation systems
  • arrangements in case of flight disruptions (rebookings, ticket reissuing, FIMs)
  • collection of excess baggage fees
  • issuing various vouchers (e.g. hotels, ground transport)
  • services for passengers (e.g. visas for Australia)

Operations services

Close exchange of information

  • monitoring and coordination of activities in and around the aircraft
  • load planning for passenger and cargo aircraft
  • crew briefing
  • irregularity management
  • flight-related communications
  • walk-out / start-up assistance
  • VHF ground-to-air communications

Flight preparation and DCS systems

  • preflight preparation in various departure control systems (DCSs)
  • remote help desk function for other airports, including tracking of entire flight
  • preparing passenger lists (PNL)
  • seat reservations (groups, etc.)
  • help desk function for all DCSs

Arrival – baggage delivery

Luggage full of possibilities

  • baggage tracing via Worldtracer
  • baggage delivery service
  • meet and assist service
  • unaccompanied minor service (UM Service)
  • lounge service
  • VIP service

Baggage tracing

Consulting and training

Ready for the future

  • on-campus / off-campus support
  • assistance and staff training in operational readiness (ORAT)
  • support with operational concept development
  • ramp agent training for aircraft handling
  • DCS training
  • dangerous goods training for passenger, operations and lost and found services
  • training in flight supervision, flight hosting, pushback / walk-out assistance and communication

IATA Safety Audit, certified apprenticeship, EMAS certification

aerogate is an experienced and reliable provider of high-quality services. Our activities are subject to regular assessment and certification by independent auditors.

We have been certified under the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operators (ISAGO) since 2011. This is an internationally recognized system for assessing the quality standards of ground service providers.

Our training program for Service Management Assistants for Air Travel, which we started in 1998, has proven highly successful. These experts are your guarantee for outstanding performance.

In addition, aerogate’s environmental management system was certified under the stringent standards of European EMAS Regulation (Environmental Management and Audit System) in 2012. The certification is confirmed annually under a review or re-certification audit.

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