Advertising Impact

The ideal environment for the placement of your brand message

In October 2018, GfK conducted a total of 515 interviews for a largescale advertising impact study at Munich Airport. Two currently advertised campaigns were surveyed throughout the entire customer journey at 12 locations with analogue and digital advertising spaces.

Exciting finding: advertising at Munich Airport is appreciated as a welcome diversion. So, Munich Airport is the ideal advertising environment for your brand message.

The study confirms how effectively specific target groups can be activated – e.g. decision-makers with a high net household income. 

In addition to determining the reach of advertising carriers and media, the study also offered an insight into the target groups reached and their attitudes towards advertising at Munich Airport. What’s more, a majority of respondents regarded the advertising at Munich Airport as high-quality and creative.

This is where your advertising arrives – among passengers and visitors at Munich Airport.

Munich Airport: Where advertising is welcome

Measure the success of your campaign

Munich Airport is the perfect advertising environment for your brand message. In order to make the success of your advertised campaign measurable, we offer you the option of an individual advertising impact study. Find out how your advertising affects our passengers at the airport and how it influences your brand awareness.

In cooperation with our experienced service provider Silverbullet, we will develop a tailor-made study design for you with personal interviews before and during your campaign. The results will be analysed by Silverbullet's comprehensive know-how and the success of your campaign will be optimally visualised.