Value creation for airport & region

A responsible neighbor

Munich Airport lives from, with and for the region. We are a major employer, economic driver and gateway to the world all at the same time. It is important for us to be a responsible neighbor and a reliable partner for the region. We take on this task every day - with open dialog, cooperation based on partnership and social commitment in the region.

Father and son watch ing planes Munich Airport from the visitor hill

Regional economy

Munich Airport has numerous supply and service relationships with companies in the region. The range of goods that the airport requires for its operations is similar to that of a small town. The 140 or so product groups range from standard retail goods and foodstuffs to services and craftsmen's services, road construction and building construction.

Regionality and sustainability

Important criteria for the cooperation with the airport are the processing of primarily regional and seasonal products. Aspects such as short travel and delivery distances and the sustainability of purchases also play an important role in the selection of our suppliers and business partners.

Regional economy
"The airport is a solid business partner. It promotes regional suppliers and thus ensures a sustainable business culture in the surrounding area." Birgit Bachmaier, owner of Blumenbinderei Bachmaier in Zolling.

Regional infrastructure

The Munich region is growing - faster than any other in Germany. The strong influx poses challenges for the region - also when it comes to expanding infrastructure. To ensure that the Munich region remains livable, key infrastructures such as the airport and its connections to the region must grow with it. This is the only way to ensure that rising demand can be met with the same level of quality.

For this reason, Munich Airport supports regional transportation projects that lead to improvements in Munich Airport's road and rail links. For example, the airport has supported the "Pro B15neu" initiative since 2014. The action group is committed to the speedy and environmentally compatible completion of the B15 federal highway, one of the most important infrastructure projects in the airport region.

Economic benefit

The economic impact of Munich Airport on the region is complex. On the one hand, Munich Airport is one of the region's largest workplaces, employing around 38,000 people. On the other hand, the connection to air traffic is one of the most important arguments for internationally operating companies to settle in the region - in this way, Munich Airport also indirectly secures a large number of jobs.

The airport and the companies based on the campus generate value added of several billion euros a year. This benefits not only the region but also the Free State of Bavaria. One in every hundred euros generated in Bavaria, for example, is directly or indirectly attributable to Munich Airport.