Terms and conditions of use for online parking bookings and parken.munich-airport.de

1. Booking Process

1.1. At parken.munich-airport.de, you can easily reserve parking for Munich Airport online in advance. The provider and contractual partner is Flughafen München GmbH, legally represented by the managing directors Jost Lammers, Nathalie Leroy and Jan-Henrik Andersson, Nordallee 25, 85326 München-Flughafen (hereinafter also referred to as "we"). If you have any questions or problems regarding your booking or parking process, please contact our Parking Customer Service Center by telephone (+49 89 975 22 2) or e-mail (kontakt.parken@munich-airport.de), or on site at the parking office in the Munich Airport Center or via the intercom systems at the parking ticket stations and at the entrance/exit pillars.

1.2. Under "Travel dates," first select when you would like to arrive and leave. Parking space bookings cannot be made less than an hour in advance.

You can book a parking space for a maximum of 62 days, and certain rates can only be booked for a shorter period of time.

1.3. Under "Choose parking area," we show you the parking areas – parking garages or outdoor parking spaces – in which you can book a space online as well as the applicable price for the selected period. You then need to choose your parking area. If your vehicle is over 2.00 meters high, you cannot park it in our parking garages – choose our parking lot P50 instead.

1.4. In the next step, enter your personal information. You can also create a personal customer account here ("Register") or log in if you already have a customer account. Then enter your credit card details; alternatively, you can make the payment via PayPal. By clicking on "Reserve and pay" you submit your binding offer to us to conclude the parking contract.

1.5. We will confirm the completion of the booking process on the website with a booking number and send you the booking confirmation with the key details of your booking to the e-mail address you have provided. Only at this point have we accepted your offer to reserve a parking space, and a parking contract has been concluded. We will charge the specified parking fee to your credit card or Paypal account when you complete your booking. If you cannot find a booking confirmation in your e-mail inbox (not even in the spam folder), please contact our Parking Customer Service Center (+49 89 975 22 2, kontakt.parken@munich-airport.de). There is no entitlement to a specific parking space within the booked parking garage or within the parking lots.

2. Cancellation or modification of your booking does not constitute a legal right of withdrawal

2.1 If you have made a booking directly on our portal parken.munich-airport.de, you can easily cancel the booking online up to the time of vehicle entry. If you have made a booking on another portal, you must cancel it directly on that other portal under the conditions stated there. This does not apply if the rate description of the product expressly states that it cannot be canceled. In this case, a refund/cancellation is excluded. If you cancel your booking made on our portal parken.munich-airport.de before the booked entry time, it will be free of charge. We will refund the parking fee to the credit card account or Paypal address provided. No fee will be refunded once the booked entry time has started. We will send a confirmation of the cancellation to your e-mail address. The services and prices described on the website at the time of booking apply. The prices quoted include statutory VAT.

2.2. You can change a completed booking up to 24 hours before the booked entry time – for example to a different parking area or for a different parking period – provided the booking was made directly on our website parken.munich-airport.de. Bookings made through other providers cannot be rebooked via the Munich Airport Customer Service Center. You can change your parking space booking at parken.munich-airport.de under "Manage bookings." After a successful rebooking, you will receive a new booking confirmation by e-mail. There is no guarantee that a new booking can be made at the same rate; depending on availability, it may be possible to book a higher rate only. After the booked entry time has passed, a rebooking is no longer possible, regardless of whether the parking process was started or whether you did not enter the parking area (non-commencement of the booking). In these cases, the cancellation conditions according to 2.1 apply.

2.3. The statutory right of withdrawal for consumers is excluded, as your parking space booking relates to a specific time period (Section 312g para. 2 no. 9 BGB – German Civil Code).

3. Parking procedure

3.1. Please print out the booking confirmation and take it with you. The booking confirmation contains a QR code. At the entrance barrier of your chosen parking area, hold the QR code up to the QR code reader there. The entrance barrier will issue your pre-paid online parking ticket and open the entry barrier. If you have any problems, please call the parking office via the intercom and provide your booking number.

3.2. To exit within the booked parking period, insert your parking ticket directly at the exit column.

3.3. Your booking is valid only for one parking session, not for multiple parking sessions during the booked period.

4. Deviations of the actual parking period from the booked period

4.1. If you park later than the booked entry time, your booking will not expire. However, the parking period booked and paid for will not be extended accordingly. No fee will be refunded for the unused parking period.

4.2. If you exceed the booked parking period considerably, please insert your parking ticket at an automated pay station first. The pay station calculates any additional fee for the parking time not paid for in advance. It is not possible to extend the parking period booked online at any time. The additional fee to be paid is calculated according to the "Overparking" (PDF) rate table. In this case, the parking fee may be several times higher than the normal price for a longer online booking period. If you are not sure when you will return at the time of online booking, we recommend that you reserve a longer parking period online in advance. After the payment process, you can exit with your parking ticket.

5. Use of bus and S-Bahn

5.1. With your parking ticket, you and your fellow travelers can use the bus and S-Bahn lines of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association MVV free of charge for your journey from the parking area on the airport grounds to the terminals and back. The parking ticket is issued automatically at the barrier when you enter the parking area. Please keep it in a safe place.

6. Terms of use of the website, copyrights

6.1 The content and design of our website, including text, images, graphics, audio and video files, are protected by copyright and trademark law. Any use not permitted by law requires our written consent.

6.2 Our website and all retrievable data may be used only for individual and manual queries and for the booking of parking services by end customers. In particular, any automated querying of offers or extraction of data and/or any further distribution of offers or other data is prohibited.

7. Final provisions

7.1. The personal data you provide will be collected, stored and processed by us, our system provider AeroParker (KMP Associates Limited) and the integrated credit card acquirers or payment service providers exclusively for the purpose of processing your booking and the parking and payment process. In addition, we use the data from your booking and your parking process exclusively in anonymized form for statistical evaluations. If you register with us, we will collect, store and process the personal data you provide in your customer account for such other purposes as you have consented to in each case. You can delete your customer account or revoke individual consent at any time. Please also refer to our General Data Protection Regulations.

7.2. In addition to these Special Terms and Conditions, our General Terms and Conditions for Parking at Munich Airport apply. Terms and conditions of business on your part shall not apply, even if we are aware of such and do not expressly object to them.

7.3. The resale or copying of offers on the parken.munich-airport.de website is not permitted. The content published on this website is subject to German copyright and ancillary copyright law. Any use not permitted by German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires our consent. This applies in particular to the duplication, editing, translation, storage, processing or reproduction of content in databases or other electronic media and systems. Furthermore, the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is permitted. The presentation of this website in external frames is permitted only with written authorization.

7.4. The parking contract relationship is subject to German law, to the exclusion of provisions of international private law, the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, or other international provisions. The place of performance of the mutual obligations arising from the parking contract is the premises of Munich Airport. The place of jurisdiction of both parties shall be determined exclusively by this place of performance.

7.5. Our Terms and Conditions apply in the German version. Versions in other languages are to be understood as translations only.

7.6. If one or more of our terms and conditions are invalid, this shall not affect the remainder of the contract relationship.

7.7. Further information can be found in our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Last revised: April 10, 2024