Strategy 2025

Planning for the future today

Munich Airport has adopted a corporate strategy based on sustainable value creation. It has launched an array of projects to make sure all of its stakeholders will benefit wherever possible and to protect its position as a global leader.

The company's Strategy 2025: five fields of action

  • Air traffic development
  • Landside access and traffic development
  • Seamless travel
  • Expansion of non-aviation business
  • Off-campus growth

Air traffic development

We are improving capacities and establishing outstanding process quality in a bid to further strengthen Munich Airport's position as an international hub.

Landside access and traffic development

We are bringing transportation operators together in an effort to improve access to the airport.

Seamless travel

We are working with our partners to redefine the travel experience – always staying one step ahead and putting our customers first.

The transition between transport modes should be "seamless" for passengers at Munich Airport. To achieve this, ground handling processes such as passenger guidance and baggage handling have to be improved and the various modes of transport more closely interconnected. The deployment of mobile communications technology makes it possible to provide individualized travel information. The range of services focusing on passenger comfort all contribute to improving customer satisfaction.

Expansion of non-aviation business

We are transforming the airport into an exciting campus, taking mobile life and work into a new dimension of quality.

A wide array of products, services and events have helped increase the appeal of Munich Airport. Now we are driving development ahead to become an Airport City and are expanding the campus in close collaboration with surrounding municipalities.

Real estate and rentals

Off-campus growth

We are sharing our expertise and are committed to improving excellence and value creation in our industry all over the world.

Munich Airport International GmbH (MAI) is responsible for Munich Airport's international activities. MAI's experts provide airport management, consulting and training services at various locations worldwide. In addition to operating airports, MAI offers consulting services over the entire life cycle of an airport and training for airport managers and operational staff.

International business

Over the past decades Munich Airport Group has evolved from being the leading ORAT service provider to a global airport operator.