Familiarization Trips

Our team provides Airport Tours in various languages for agent training, airline employee famtrips and study trips for tour operators as well as journalists. We adjust our Airport Tours (1.5 -2 hours) individually to provide optimum insight into our daily business and different departments of Munich Airport. Day Trips are organized in cooperation with Munich Tourism to present Munich and its vicinity as a destination everybody should have visited.

Selection of topics covered in the Airport Tour:

  • Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Munich Airport Center
  • Check-In procedures (self-check-in, self-bag-drop, family-check-in, …)
  • Security check
  • Passport controls
  • Transit procedures / MCT
  • Airport services and amenities (napcabs, recreation area, smoking lounges, coffee / magazine stations, showers, shops, …)
  • Mobility services for passengers with special needs
  • Arrival procedures (baggage tracing, bulky baggage, how to get to city center, …)
  • Lost and found airport
  • Tax refund
  • Info Gates

If you are interested in a familiarization trip or more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist.

Please allow for at least 6 weeks' notice for organization.