Construction projects at Munich Airport

Building the airport's future 

Since its opening in 1992, Munich Airport has expanded rapidly – and the journey continues: Visitors to the airport these days are greeted by the sight of busy work crews, excavation equipment and cranes.

On the AirSite West site, new buildings at the future LabCampus innovation center are going up. For access to the site, a new transportation node has been developed. At the center of the airport, a new pier for Terminal 1 is being built. In addition, the airport is expanding its parking facilities.

Summary of planned construction projects:

  1. P43 car park
  2. ibis Styles hotel
  3. New pier Terminal 1
  4. Mobility center
  5. Office building LabCampus "LAB 48"
  6. New Airport Academy
  7. Serviced Apartments

1. P43 car park

To the north of the LabCampus site, Flughafen is currently building another parking garage with around 1,800 spaces in the immediate vicinity of the P44 parking garage. Construction began in April 2022 and the car park is scheduled to be commissioned in Q1/2024.

2. ibis Styles hotel

A third hotel is planned on the airport site to the south of the Novotel. It will offer affordable accommodation in around 350 rooms.

Start of construction: expected Q2/2023

Here, a third hotel is to be built on the airport site with inexpensive overnight accommodations.

3. New pier Terminal 1

A new pier will be built between Modules A and B in Terminal 1. It will extend 350 meters into the western apron. 

Construction works started in the fourth quarter of 2018. 

4. Mobility center

South of the Munich Airport Center, the airport is planning a new car rental center with around 5,600 parking spaces.

5. Office building LabCampus

Next to the Airport Academy (2.), an office building with approximately 30,000 square meters of floor space is planned for the LabCampus - LAB 48

Planned commissioning: Q2/2022

30 second impression film about the construction site of LabCampus in March 2021.

6. New AirportAcademy

The building for the airport's training center will have 14,400 square meters of floor space. In addition to FMG and subsidiaries of the airport, external partners and service providers will also use the building. 

The new Airport Academy is scheduled to go into operation in Q1/2023.

Next to the LabCampus office building LAB 48 (building on the left), the new AirportAcademy (building on the right) is currently under construction.

7. Hyde Living Serviced Apartments

Planning is currently underway for a building with serviced flats on LabCampus. It comprises around 230 one- and two-room flats with a size between 26 and 39 square metres. 

The Hyde Living Serviced Apartments will enable guests who work on the campus on a project-related basis to stay for a short or long period.

The vacant area to the right of the new AirportAcademy (building on the right) and the LabCampus office building (building on the left) will one day be home to the serviced apartments.