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Airbräu host Klaus Dörfler

Our host

Bavarian, native and experienced in gastronomy: That's the best way to describe Klaus Dörfler. The 47-year-old has been managing the Bavarian centerpiece at the airport - the Airbräu - since October 2019.

The skilled chef and hotel business economist held management positions at the Hofbräukeller and the Hofbräu marquee at the Oktoberfest from 2008 to 2012. He was able to gain numerous experiences, which are important as a manager for an international gastronomy, in his professional position as a chef in renowned hotels in Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and New York.

Hosting the world's first airport brewery, he can now devote himself fully to brewery gastronomy.

I enjoy being around people and every morning I am excited

about the new challenges that the day and my job will bring.

Tradition since 1999


September 9, 1999 was not only the start into a new phase of life for many bridal couples, but also the birth of our Airbräu.

One of the main tasks of the managing director duo, Dr. Joost and Mr. Halamoda, was to come up with something that would be interesting for passengers and airport employees as well as visitors from the surrounding area. It is easy to see that the concept of the Airbräu has proven itself. Even today, the brewery is a popular meeting place for everyone.

A real feature is still the first airport brewery in the world, which brews beer strictly according to the purity law of 1516. Many events held at the Airbräu also generate great enthusiasm among guests.

The philosophy of the Airbräu has not changed since its opening - the local connection with the brewery and Bavarian cuisine, the best entertainment from the region, and the unique ambience at Munich Airport.

The guests are just like the company - open-minded, from young to old and international.


Whether it's veal sausages, eggs, pretzels or milk - fresh from the region simply tastes best!

And almost everything on our menu comes from the region: 90 percent of our products come from Bavaria. Of this, we even get 50 percent from the immediate vicinity of Munich Airport. Enjoy our daily fresh white sausage - it comes directly from Munich. Our onions come from Ismaning and the butter from Wasserburg am Inn.

Our concern is a responsible approach to our environment, so we focus on sustainability. By purchasing primarily regional and seasonal products, the protection of our environment is not the only perk: We achieve local agriculture, processing and trade also benefit.

Free parking in P20

  • 3 hours free parking with a purchase or consumption of EUR 20*
  • 5 hours free parking at events*

*Your parking ticket will be activated upon presentation of a valid invoice at the parking control center in the Munich Airport Center.

Cash receipts from gastronomy and shops can be combined.

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