Airport CDM harmonization initiative in Germany 

With increasing numbers of airport locations already working with Airport CDM or currently in the project phase, the need for a harmonized approach became apparent. 

An initial basis for the European A-CDM process is the EC standard specification EN 303212. However, the A-CDM developments in Germany have demonstrated further needs for harmonization not covered by the EU standard, or not addressed by it at the same level of detail.

The partners have recognized this need and established the A-CDM Harmonization Initiative in Germany. The partners signed a letter of intent setting out the terms of their cooperation.


  • DFS GmbH (German Air Traffic Control)
  • Munich Airport: FMG
  • Frankfurt Airport: Fraport AG
  • Berlin Airport, BER
  • Düsseldorf Airport: FDG
  • Stuttgart Airport: FSG
  • Hamburg: FHG
  • Leipzig/Halle, LEJ

The objectives of the A-CDM Harmonization Initiative in Germany include, among others: 

  • The exchange of information and best practices between the various A-CDM airports (for both regular operations and special projects).
  • A common A-CDM concept in Germany and one voice for communications with international partners (Eurocontrol; EU; FAA; IATA)
  • Consistent harmonization in the interests of customers ("one face to the customer" when dealing with airlines)
  • German best practices will be made available to support further harmonization in other European states and the European A-CDM working groups.

European Airport CDM Portal


The development and coordination of a harmonized approach and documentation are taking place at regularly scheduled workshops.