• CDM Alerts

    Can I define the CDM alerts I want to receive (e.g. only the CDM alerts that can cause a C-DPI message)?

    This depends on the local implementation. Please contact the local ACDM representative.

    Is it possible to receive CDM Alerts via e-mail or SITA?

    CDM alerts are not available through SITA. You can receive them via e-mail or simply look in the local ACDM CSA tool where they are also displayed.

    Please see the local ACDM homepage or contact the local ACDM representative for further information.

  • CDM-Portal

    Is it possible to access your local CDM Portal via internet? Do we need a password?

    This depends on the local implementation. Please contact the local ACDM representative.

    Why can't I find my flight in the local A-CDM Portal?

    This may occur for various reasons, for instance:

    1. The airport system does not have a valid ATC Flight Plan (EOBT is missing).
    2. The flight does not have a valid airport slot (SOBT is missing).
    3. The flight is a VFR flight for which the A-CDM process does not apply.
  • Contact

    Do you have a phone number to the local ATC CDM position in the tower?

    Please refer to the local information, e.g. AIP chapter AD2.20 or the airport’s Brief Description.

    In case of urgent CDM related problems on day of operation, who can we contact (besides our handling agent)?

    Please refer to the local information, e.g. AIP chapter AD2.20 or the airport’s Brief Description.

    In case we need to investigate a CDM issue (post operationally), who do we contact?

    All requests for investigation will be answered. Please refer to the local information, e.g. AIP chapter AD2.20 or the airport’s Brief Description.

    In addition, all requests should be copied to the responsible persons for the German ACDM Harmonization Initiative (A-CDM@GER).

  • Data Exchange

    My flight missed its TSAT, has received an FLS and is now suspended. How can I resolve this?

    If a flight does not ask for start-up approval within the TSAT tolerance, its TOBT is deleted and it will be suspended. You can effect a de-suspension simply by entering a new TOBT.

    What triggers a Cancel DPI?

    A Cancel-DPI will be sent two minutes after TOBT deletion. This is intended to give you the chance to enter a new TOBT without Eurocontrol issuing a flight suspension in the meantime.

    If TWR determines that your flight has missed ist TSAT window, a Cancel-DPI will be sent immediately.

  • EOBT and TOBT

    By how many minutes may EOBT and TOBT differ?

    Generally, EOBT and TOBT should be aligned as closely as possible. Alert CDM08 (EOBT Compliance Alert) is generated if TOBT is more than 15 minutes later than EOBT.

    If TOBT is earlier than EOBT, the maximum allowed difference is 10 minutes. ICAO prescribes that a flight should not depart more than 15 min earlier than its EOBT. If TOBT were equal to TSAT, considering that Start-Up can be requested up to 5 minutes before TSAT, this would be equal to the maximum of 15 minutes before EOBT.  

    Do I have to adjust EOBT every time TOBT is changed?

    The Network Manager offers an automatic EOBT update feature that is triggered as soon as TOBT is a user-defined number of minutes later than EOBT (maximum 15). Please speak to your A-CDM Local Manager about activating this feature.

    How often can a TOBT be updated?

    TOBT can be updated as often as you wish until TSAT issue. After TSAT issue a TOBT may be updated a maximum of three times. If a fourth update of TOBT is required, please delete the previous TOBT first. This will reset the internal counter, giving you three more TOBT inputs.

    Please keep in mind that TOBT is used for planning purposes by many partners, among them the flow controllers at Eurocontrol. Therefore, please try to provide a reliable and stable TOBT. We do understand, however, that in individual cases it might become necessary to update the TOBT several times or late in the process.

    How soon should I adjust my TOBT in case of an expected handling delay?

    Generally, as early as you learn of the handling delays yourself. The earlier you update your TOBT, the more time we have to adjust the departure planning and to redistribute free capacity. The Network Manager also has more time to find a suitable CTOT for your flight.

    How to handle a diversion to an airport, which is fully coordinated? Do I need an airport slot (SIBT or SOBT)?

    It depends on the alternate airport.

    If it is an Airport-CDM airport, the arrival does not necessarily need an SIBT, but for the following outbound an SOBT and a valid ATC Flight Plan (including EOBT) is required to join the A-CDM sequencing process and receive TOBT and TSAT.

    Is it possible to update TOBT by updating EOBT in the FPL (sending a DLA message to the FPL)?

    Generally, EOBT and TOBT are separate values. Based on our experience, the quality of locally available information and, therefore, TOBT is more accurate than EOBT. TOBT may only be updated by the local person responsible for TOBT to ensure integrity of the information.

    Upon request, NMOC now provides the possibility to generate automatic DLA messages if updated TOBTs are received via DPI messages. Please contact the local ACDM representative.

    May my flight still depart even if its FPL EOBT does not match the airport slot (SOBT)?

    In case EOBT and SOBT differ, an alert CDM02 (SOBT vs. EOBT discrepancy) will be sent. We will not automatically refuse to let your flight depart, but in order to avoid an investigation later, please update your SOBT as required.

    My flight's TSAT is much later than TOBT, so I have decided I want to take more time for ground handling. What will happen if I push TOBT closer to TSAT?

    When TOBT and TSAT differ, you can always move TOBT closer to TSAT without causing another TSAT delay. So please adjust your TOBT as soon as possible to your new plans. Only if you move TOBT beyond TSAT, a new TSAT will be calculated.

  • General

    What is an MDI?

    A Minimum Departure Interval is occasionally requested by adjacent airspace sectors in order to manage or avoid a short-term overload situation.

    Who actually benefits from Airport CDM?

    All of us, to varying degrees. As it needs every one of us to get each flight where it wants to go, and soon, it helps to be able to rely on each other. Adhering to the A-CDM process means that we all work with the same information, with common rules, so all of us can plan our work better. This results in fewer efficiency losses across all stakeholders, which translates into lower fuel burn, more flights per aircraft and day, fewer tugs for the same number of pushbacks, and more. Getting more done with less is always good, and while not everything may work perfectly at all times, part of the process is that we are continuously trying to improve it.

  • Start-Up

    Do I really get better CTOTs at an Airport-CDM airport?

    Our evaluations show that early TOBT updates result in better CTOTs than at non-ACDM airports. Late TOBT updates shortly before intended start-up request leave the Network Manager no time to find a suitable CTOT and may result in extra delays as on non-CDM airports.

    How can I get my TSAT?

    This information is available via your ground handler, the docking guidance display or by radio through DELIVERY. Even easier: You could use the free German Airport CDM app, available for iOS and Android, which contains all important A-CDM information for more and more airports in Germany.

    How do I find out which SID to expect?

    This information is available by radio from DELIVERY. Even easier: You could use the free German Airport CDM app, available for iOS and Android, which contains all important A-CDM information for ever more airports in Germany.

    How much time do I have to request pushback?

    After you received start-up approval, you have five minutes to commence pushback.

    I already received start-up approval for my flight, but now a problem has popped up and I need more time. What can I do?

    You just need to have your TOBT updated. However, TOBT updates will be rejected technically after start-up approval, so please call DELIVERY and inform the colleagues about your delay. They will then retract start-up approval and re-enable TOBT updates, so you will receive a new TSAT.

    I do not have a CTOT, why am I not allowed to start up?

    Where A-CDM is implemented, there is a general requirement for each flight to provide a TOBT which indicates when handling will be completed. Only when this is available, your flight will be included in departure planning and receive a TSAT which shows the expected start-up time. Without TSAT, start-up approval will not be granted.

    What do I do if I have missed my TOBT or TSAT?

    Generally we would be happiest if you could inform us of delays before missing any time windows, so we can still give the capacity we reserved for you to another flight.

    If yours was a case where this was not possible, you can still update your TOBT afterwards and receive a new TSAT.

    But be aware that the Tower may have deleted your target times after not having adhered to the time windows. Then, your TOBT responsible person needs to re-enter a new TOBT to start off the new sequencing process.

    When am I expected to request start-up?

    Start-Up via R/T shall be requested according to TSAT (tolerance window TSAT -/+ 5 minutes). Datalink requests may be sent earlier. Within the response message, the flight crew will find the following information: “Start-Up approved at TSAT HH:MM”