You’ll Love the Stories of These Hotels

Hotels can be many things. Away-from-home accommodations, simply a place to sleep or a base for exploring and discovering new things. For some travelers, they can even be a home away from home. But what are their own stories? How does an ordinary house, an old castle or a former monastery turn into a hotel, and what drives this evolution?

In case you’ve ever wondered about the story behind the hotel where you’re staying (or have heard about), or things that have happened there in the past, this may interest you.

This link takes you to a lovingly created website that highlights a selection of very special, tradition-steeped hotels in Germany and Austria. Their locations are easy to spot on an interactive map, and clicking on one takes you to information about it and its history. The texts are written in first person as if the hotel itself were talking. And in case one of them fascinates you so much that you’d like to spend some time there yourself, all of the relevant contact information is included. This meets all the prerequisites for a stay that will go down in your own history!

Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See
© Romantik Hotel Jagdhaus Eiden am See, Bad Zwischenahn - Germany

Mrs. AnneMarie Daxer

  • Street Warthegaustrasse 6  
  • Zip code / City 82140 Olching
© Hotel Schloss Mittersill, Mittersill - Austria