The "Refill Coffee Cups" pilot project

Pay less for coffee – and save the environment

A recent study reports that Germany's coffee drinkers consume 320,000 paper cups per hour. In 2016, the catering operations at Munich Airport were handing out disposable cups at a rate of around 1.5 million per year.
With a new pilot project, Munich Airport wants to make a contribution to sustainable development and environmental protection. Since November 2017, refillable porcelain coffee cups, bearing the airport's logo in all four corporate identity colors, have been available to employees, passengers and guests on the airport campus.

The refillable cups, which cost EUR 3.90 for employees and EUR 5.90 for passengers and visitors, are sold at the following airport restaurants and cafés:

Customers who hand over a refillable mug when purchasing hot drinks will not only be helping to reduce waste and shrinking their environmental footprint – they will also get a 20 cent discount.

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