Rolex, Omega, Carrera Y Carrera, Bulgari

Timeless luxury

This boutique offers jewelry and timepieces by such prestigious brands as Rolex, Omega, Bulgari and Carrera y Carrera. The timeless luxury watches by Rolex stand for performance and reliability everywhere in the world. Omega combine modern design with revolutionary innovation. Bulgari is the master of Italian jewelry making and is also famed for its leather goods. The Spanish company Carrera y Carrera has gained an enthusiastic following with its masterly jewelry creations and watch collections.

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Rolex, Omega, Carrera Y Carrera, Bulgari

  • Area Behind security check
  • Street Terminalstraße
  • Zip code / City 85356  Flughafen München
  • Opening hours daily 6:30 a.m. - 9:45 p.m.