Press: Bavarian hub enjoys excellent reputation

Award as best employer in the German transportation sector

January 29, 2016

Munich Airport ranks among Germany's top employers. That is one of the results of a recent study conducted by the German news weekly Focus. At a special ceremony in Berlin, the airport's operating company FMG was honored as the "Best Place to Work in the Transportation and Logistics Sector". "This outstanding rating for the entire country shows that FMG is known as an extremely attractive employer all over Germany, and not just in our region. In view of the demographic trends we face in the coming years, this is enormously important to us as a growing company that will need more and more staff," said Dr. Michael Kerkloh, the President and CEO of Munich Airport, who was on hand to accept the award.

In Germany's biggest study of this kind, Focus teamed up with the career-based networking site Xing and the employer rating portal kununu to identify the most attractive employers in 22 industries. In the overall scoring, covering all sectors, Munich Airport posted an outstanding number 13 ranking.

The study, which garnered responses from 70,000 employees in a wide range of companies and industries, posed such questions as: "What are your top priorities and what companies do you see as attractive places to work?" "Would you recommend your employer to your friends?"

As the responses submitted to kununu showed, Munich Airport's staff give their employer top marks for such criteria as working atmosphere, team spirit and generational management. Dr. Robert Scharpf, FMG's head of HR, sees the award as the outcome of across-the-board digitalization of the airport's employer marketing efforts: "We are now well established on all of the key online platforms," he says. In view of challenges that lie ahead, he welcomes the airport's selection as the number one employer in its industry as an inspiration to try even harder: "Competition to attract talented people will intensify in the coming years. We must make it our future goal to maintain our strong position as an employer and to continue building our reputation in the global job market to compete for talent worldwide. That's another benefit of the Focus ratings: They give us valuable insights into the areas where we have room for improvement."

Photo caption

Thrilled at recognition as Germany's best employer in the transport and logistics sector (from left): Ingrid Modlmayr, social media specialist in HR Marketing, Dr. Robert Scharpf, head of HR, and Theresa Fleidl, head of Corporate Training and HR Marketing at Munich Airport.

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