Last call for Mr. Paul

Red Bull shoots spectacular video at the airport

To launch its new marketing partnership, the international energy drink brand filmed a high-energy parkour video at Munich Airport. The star of the show is Jason Paul, the world's top free runner.

After missing the check-in deadline, the parkour star goes all-out to catch his Lufthansa flight. This back story is just the excuse Jason Paul for a series of gravity-defying stunts – skateboarding with a baggage trolley, acrobatic chase scenes, and a final five-meter leap across the gap between the jet bridge into the aircraft.

»The biggest challenge was running along the side of a moving bus«, said Paul, as the crew packed up their equipment. »The timing was really tough. It took us several takes to wrap it up, and for a while we weren't even sure if it was even possible. But in the end we made it happen despite the time pressure, just as we were losing the sunlight.«

To watch Jason Paul reinvent flying, go to:

Our "Making Of" video

Impressions from the video shoot

  • The race against time for Jason Paul, the 25-year-old German parkour specialist, starts at the check-in desk.  Not even the security personnel can hold him back.
  • The jump scene took 10 takes with the extreme sport specialist to create footage and stills from a series of spectacular angles.
  • Jason Paul, the parkour artist, catches his breath on a break in shooting.
  • Sophisticated equipment creates the effect of a multi-exposure still photo à la Matrix: 32 cameras mounted on a semicircular rail are triggered in sequence at 2-millisecond intervals.

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