LabCampus is a unique opportunity for you to strengthen your market position and to ensure future success

Urban location, inspiring atmosphere and most modern working environment

The area design of LabCampus is aligned to future working models. Flexible working and testing environments foster interaction and cooperation. Customers and partners can take advantage of the hotel accommodation on campus, while temporary project teams can be housed in longstay apartments. Diversity is provided by further training options, cultural and entertainment establishments, a wide range of gastronomy and fitness programs. Everyday tasks can be conveniently integrated into the working day. Cultural attractions draw visitors to the campus in their leisure time as well.

Successful innovation through targeted and cutting-edge services

LabCampus offers customer-specific targeted services along every step of the entire innovation process. Users can select and customize targeted services from a broad innovation service portfolio..

Inovation Setup: re-establish the innovation process and find the right talents e.g. through startup services in cooperation with entrepreneurship

Insights: recognize customer requirements and identify technology trends e.g. through specific trend reports in cooperation with TRENDONE

Ideation: generate better ideas and select the right ones fast e.g. through crowd-sourcing projects with Innosabi

Prototyping & Testing: reach a solution from idea to market-readiness faster e.g. through real-live testing of IT systems in the information security hub

Visibility: place new solutions successfully on the market e.g. through interactive product presentations in the Terminal TestLab

Cross-industry network and active innovation community

LabCampus is convinced that innovative projects can be driven forward more effectively in a network of partners. The speed and agility with which partnerships can be established between companies is constantly increasing. LabCampus is the ideal location for cooperative ventures. Every user is part of a strong innovation network which is actively managed by the LabCampus curator. Thanks to regular events and communal areas, active interaction takes place in the community, common ideas for innovative projects develop through continuous exchange of information on topics - contact us and become part of the LabCampus innovation community.

Creating and shaping future trends in designated centers of excellence

LabCampus is the best location for helping to shape future trends accross industries. Users and partners from different industries come together at LabCampus to work on topics of the future such as new mobility, security or smart city and contribute experience and expertise with a focus on different aspects. Beyond existing dialogs, new systems can actually be implemented. Through the newly created structure, LabCampus also offers the special opportunity of developing new technologies and solutions from scratch without legacy systems.