LabCampus – a Global Platform for Pioneering Innovation

With the creation of LabCampus, Munich Airport is taking another important step in the direction of the future. And this one’s a huge stride. On a site the size of 70 soccer fields—500,000m² to be precise—"destination innovation” is taking shape. Here, over the next few years, fresh, smart ways of collaborating between businesses and across industries will start to emerge.

For everyone that converges here, from innovators and experts, to SMEs and global players, entrepreneurs, startups and investors, LabCampus is creating the perfect connected environment. This will give rise to totally new ways of doing things, fostering new opportunities and harnessing tomorrow’s potential. There’s no denying it’s a major project. But its creation hasn’t come out of nowhere. Instead it’s a direct response to huge demand - not just for increased operational speed in processes and standards - but for totally new business models. These are the true challenges facing any company of any size.

To stay in the game, it is no longer enough to be reactive where innovation is concerned. Those that secure their places in the markets of tomorrow are proactive. But this comes with a whole new set of challenges. That’s because only companies that truly embrace an interdisciplinary work culture and encourage cross-collaboration outside of their own four walls are able to create fresh momentum, rethink traditional ideas and actively shape the future.

This is exactly what LabCampus at Munich Airport offers. All under one roof, benefiting from the most modern of environments, companies and experts can jointly develop innovative solutions, products and services and present them directly to an audience on their doorstep: an international transport hub. Excellent international connections, access to 150,000 visitors per day and spacious test areas make LabCampus a first-class destination for innovation and a lively urban space to top it off.

LabCampus doesn’t just actively create the right blend of industries and companies. Once on campus, this blend has access to a large support network around it. That’s why - right from the start - LabCampus has relied on cooperation with leading innovation partners, renowned institutions and research centers. These experts know, better than any, how to coach companies around establishing innovation processes, from ideation through to execution and marketing.

In the coming years, a unique innovation cosmos will be created on the site west of Munich Airport - LabCampus. Divided into four quarters, total areas of 500,000 square meters will be built.
  • This first office building, ready for occupancy in 2022,  might very well look like this. Further buildings will follow successively. © AuerWeber
  • This is what the new Airport Academy on the LabCampus should look like. Munich Airport's training center not only finds a new home on just under 14,400 square meters of floor space, but also offers ample space for office space to rent. © Auer Weber

LabCampus - A Smart City of the Future

Anyone wanting to offer people and companies an urban environment that has innovation as its output, needs to think differently. Such an environment naturally demands that residents work on ideas, explore their creativity, and develop and test future-oriented products and services—together. Not as soloists. And it’s exactly this different way of thinking that LabCampus GmbH has embraced from the start. And they’ve done it—no surprises here—in cooperation with one of the best. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is all about developing tomorrow’s infrastructure. The application of individual, next-gen technologies in the fields of energy, mobility and urban planning are as central to their work as the connectivity between them. Only then is optimum sustainability achieved and quality of life improved.

From its buildings, to the pathways and the squares, campus life exists everywhere. Open spaces act as communication platforms where multiple disciplines find their shared expression. LabCampus GmbH is highly committed to this network concept. It’s in their slogan too "CONNECT. CREATE. COLLABORATE." And the plan is to have it interpreted architecturally in the first building—under development in the first of the four quadrants making up the complex. Here, on a site 30,000 square meters, a four-storey office building with an attractive roof terrace landscape will be built to architecturally mirror LabCampus’ fascination with creating connections.

LabCampus Starts up: Welcome Aboard

LabCampus is already able to offer numerous services along the innovation process cycle—and that’s even before completion of the first building. With the Terminal TestLab offering the perfect arena to conduct product presentations and gauge user experience, the Information Security Hub for cyber security and awareness training as well as numerous data-driven tools for generating insights, work is well underway to cover all the steps required to be future ready. With renowned research institutes and companies already on board, when will we be welcoming you into our “Circle of Innovators”?

We look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Munich Airport is frequented by 150,000 people every day: passengers, visitors and employees who are potential customers, business partners and also visitors for LabCampus. Nowhere else is there better connectivity with customers and partners.

Thomas Weyer: Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Weyer

Chief Financial Officer, Flughafen München GmbH

LabCampus is an entirely new style of innovation campus. It is our mission to help companies innovate more successfully.

Together we want to explore new avenues in cross-industry cooperation.

Managing Director LabCampus

Dr. Marc Wagener

Managing Director, LabCampus