Interdisciplinary innovation site at Munich Airport

Munich Airport is about to embark on a unique, future-focused project. Under the name LabCampus, the airport will develop an interdisciplinary idea and innovation center on the airport campus.

However, Munich Airport is providing more than just the site for the new innovation platform. It will also play the role of "curator", bringing together leading experts, companies – from start-ups to global players – creative minds and investors – at the heart of a thriving transportation hub.

We want to create a place that acts as a catalyst for innovation. A place that creates the perfect conditions to attract innovative and creative people – a campus which, through its excellent connectivity, promises to keep them together for longer.

A glimpse of how LabCampus might look in the future: Half a million square meters of floor space for research and development activities across four quadrants. The first quadrant will be built at the western end of the site, with around 120,000 square meters of labs and offices – enough room for 5,000 jobs. The first buildings will be ready for occupancy in a little over two years. The entire quardrant is slated for completion by 2025 at the latest. © KCAP Architects&Planners

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To remain profitable in the future, we have to develop new business models outside conventional airport services. In LabCampus we now have one. So far it is unique in Europe.

Nathalie Leroy

Nathalie Leroy

Chief Financial Officer Flughafen München GmbH

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