InfoGate Products

InfoGate Counter

  • InfoGate Counter
  • InfoGate Counter

The counters are custom designed to be as eye-catching as possible in areas with high volumes of foot traffic. You can select your own corporate colors and design of the illuminated elements as well as the glass surfaces to create identification with the setting where your information counters are placed.

InfoGate Digital Signage

InfoGate Digital Signage

The InfoGate Digital Signage totem, with award-winning design and a 40" display presents digital advertising in excellent quality. The forward and back buttons permit the selection of specific documents.

InfoGate Interactive

  • Infogate Counter Interactive
  • InfoGate Outdoor
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  • InfoGate Digital Signage

InfoGate Interactive is a versatile self-service indoor navigation and guidance system. The intuitive, touchscreen-based interface allows customers to find their way around buildings quickly and easily, while offering an overview of available products, services and important destinations such as departure gates or station platforms.

Information on products and services can be requested at any time. This makes the system an ideal advertising platform.

An intelligent navigation solution guides the user to the selected destination, indicating the distance and estimated time.

InfoGate Agent Workstation

InfoGate Working Station

The agent workstation consists of a PC and at least two screens. A high definition camera is mounted in front of the agent so that he or she can be presented in a high-quality, life-size image in the InfoGate Counter screen.

The software installed on the PC is part of the InfoGate conference software.

We recommend the installation of supervisor screens that are linked to the system and show a view of the area in front of the InfoGate Counter. This is useful especially prior to establishing the video link between the agent and the customer at the counter.

The agent can then open up a video link event if it has not been initialized by the customer.

In addition, the agent who is responsible for more than one InfoGate Counter can see at any time how many dialogue requests are in the queue.

InfoGate Mobile

InfoGate Mobile

Our InfoGate Mobile tablet solution helps your employees when providing on-site customer support.
When set up for airport use, the device contains flight data as well as information on shops, restaurants and other services.

All POIs stored in the system are available and can be used for routing purposes.

For your employees, it will only take a quick glance at InfoGate mobile and a few seconds to answer the question, "How do I get to my gate and find a snack on the way?"