Five-Star airport

Winner of the Oscar of the aviation industry

High standard of quality

Nine out of eleven times, Munich Airport has been awarded the title of top European Airport by the independent, London-based Skytrax Institute. For Munich Airport, however, these victories did not mean that the airport would rest on its laurels. On the contrary. In 2013, the Airport had started a quality offensive in the areas 'first-class ambiance and high comfort', 'range of services and amenities', 'efficient processes', 'ease of transit through airport', and 'outstanding friendliness'.

The airport's continuous effort to improve all services for customers was finally rewarded in 2015: Skytrax has honored Bavaria's Hub with the title "Five-Star Airport". The coveted title is considered the Oscar of the aviation industry. Next to Munich Airport, only four other airports have accomplished this achievement – the Asian airports of Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo-Haneda. Thus, among the world's champion airports, Munich is the only European representative.

By winning the award, Munich Airport has proven its efforts for a seamless high-quality experience along the entire travel chain. This includes, among others, clear signage and navigation. One indicator of travelling comfort, for instance, is Munich Airport's connecting time of less than 30 minutes. However, comfort is also proven in outstanding service, including amenities such as Munich Airport's own InfoGate service points. A huge retail area in both terminals, including that in the new satellite facility of Terminal 2, offers a wide range of shopping and gastronomy outlets. The criteria also include the personnel's friendliness and the terminals' cleanliness and modern ambience.

Europe's first airport with a five-star status

Continuous feedback will help Munich Airport

Other measures taken by Munich Airport in its drive for the title were the redesign of parts of Terminal 2 into recreation areas. Furthermore, the departure areas in both terminals and in the satellite are fully equipped with electric outlets and USB connections. In accordance with being state-of-the-art with technology, Munich Airport offers wireless internet access free of charge to all visitors.

Not only did Munich Airport's personnel implement these plans, but other companies and authorities were also involved in the process. Lufthansa, for example, who jointly financed, constructed and jointly operates Terminal 2 and the adjacent satellite facility with the Airport's managing company, was also included as a consultant in the quality campaign. Moreover, the Federal Police of Germany installed the EasyPASS identity screening system at the airport. This facilitates the passport control and thus the entry and departure of passengers at Munich Airport.

Munich Airport, however, does not only care about a committee's views, but it is also interested in its customers' opinions, and, above all, satisfaction: Therefore, feedback machines were installed throughout the terminals in order for passengers to leave their input. This continuous feedback will help Munich Airport to continuously ameliorate the customer experience, to always go the extra mile. Getting to the very top is a great achievement, of course. But it's just as difficult to stay there while facing a constantly changing environment, with new problems and new quality standards emerging all the time. Overcoming new challenges and continuing to inspire the drive in your staff to go above and beyond the call of duty is the real test — you ideally want to get a top award not only once but again and again.

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Corinna Born

Corinna Born

Director International Media Relations