Concentrated Cargo Power

»Fast in - fast out«: world-class cargo infrastructure enables outstanding turnaround times.

  • Over 300 long-haul flights a week link Munich to the world’s major trading centers.
  • A major 84,000 square meters Air Cargo Center, with plenty of room to expand, brings together all required facilities and airfreight players.
  • Munich, southern Germany’s largest cargo hub, accounts for more than a third of Germany’s overall air freight volume.

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Markus Heinelt

Markus Heinelt

Business Division Aviation
Director Cargo Development

The gateway for your freight

At Munich Airport, everyone works hand-in-hand to get your freight to its destination safely and securely.
The right product at the right time at the right place – we always do our best that goods are delivered to shops or as freight to airplanes on time.
Further development has top priority at Munich. A host of new projects are implemented every year to expand freight handling capacities.

Outstanding Prospects

Here at Munich you can take advantage of a large catchment area, a wide range of industries, and a huge consumer market. The economic output of Bavaria and southern Germany is well above the average for Germany and Europe, and this region ranks among the world’s strongest in terms of purchasing power.

With a yearly air freight volume that has now grown to nearly 400,000 tonnes, Munich has become the main gateway to all of southeastern Europe.

Driven by above-average growth in air freight volumes in recent years, numerous expansion projects have been implemented. They include a new express center for integrators (who, like FedEx, UPS and DHL, integrate all aspects of package pickup and delivery), a thriving new EU-approved border inspection post for importing live animals, and a brand-new Cargo Terminal West in addition to the older Cargo Terminal East. Plus ample room to continue expanding as air freight volumes swell.

Being acutely aware of the importance of air freight for Germany’s export-oriented economy, we have explicitly included further development of the cargo business in our strategic planning.