Aviation security training for an airport ID card

11.2.6. Other personnel (4 UI) airline/airport personnel

This training is intended for persons other than passengers who need authorization for unaccompanied access to security restricted areas and are not covered by numbers 11.2.3. to 11.2.5. or 11.5. of EU Regulation 2015/1998.

Target group:Persons other than passengers (other personnel)
Goal:Improved awareness of airport security
Duration:Four 45-minute units of instruction
Legal basis:German Aviation Security Training Ordinance, Section 8,
Annex 11.2.6. EU Reg. 2015/1998
Process complete:Training certificate pursuant to Section 20 and 21 of the
German Aviation Security Training Ordinance (LuftSiSchulV)
Examination:Online "test your knowledge" section
Training update requirement:Under EU Regulation: within five years

11.2.6. Course contents

The following course contents are delivered in English exclusively as online training (WBT).

History of criminal interference with aviation, terrorist incidents and current threats.
Relevant laws and regulations.
Information on objectives and structures of aviation security, including the obligations and responsibility of persons carrying out security screening.
Configuration of screening checkpoints and screening procedures.
Access controls and related screening procedures.
Overview of airport ID cards used at the airport in question.
Registration procedures.
Appropriate response when noticing prohibited items and in case of security-relevant incidents.

Practical instruction

Under a memorandum from the competent authority, the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), valid as of July 29, 2013,
no practical instruction is needed for the aviation security training at present.

However, employers are advised to provide new employees with an introduction to their new working environment.

Optionally, this practical instruction can also be booked with the AirportAcademy.

Please send any inquiries to our designated contact.


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