Alpine-themed sports bar in Terminal 2

The new Sportalm restaurant

A paradise for mountain climbers, nature lovers, ski bums and those who just like to chill in the sun: with an antique chopping block here and an old stone trough there, Sportalm's designers have paid plenty of attention to detail. Tree stumps and quaint decor items like an old barn door and a stone trough capture the rustic feel of a mountain pasture.

Along with the coziness of a Bavarian farmhouse, Sportalm highlights another feature of life in the Alps: sports. An eye-catching focal point is a real ski lift gondola – repurposed as seating. Love seats and lounge chairs are an inviting opportunity to sit back, relax, and view the mountain panorama and rocky slopes. Lending a contemporary touch to the scene are the modern LED lights and steel design features.

Visitors can watch live sports events on the big screens or take a seat at one of the laptop workplaces. The menu is very much in keeping with the mountain theme. It includes a hearty "Scale the Summit " breakfast, "Himalaya" rice noodles, and a wide range of other dishes and beverages for every taste, with a variety of healthy options, generous portions and a selection of quick take-out items. The entire Sportalm experience is reminiscent of a pleasant stay in a mountain chalet.

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