AirSite West

Unlimited possibilities

If the airport is seen as a city, then with the development of AirSite West, a new district is emerging. With an area of 50 hectares, it embodies enormous potential.

In keeping with the AirSite West vision, an urban planning concept will be drawn up to create a pleasant and comfortable living and working experience combined with business success. Offices, retail, logistics, restaurants and hotels: the range of businesses and activities represents a diverse blend in a generously scaled development. The plans also call for a modern automotive service center, a large car park and ideal transportation links, including direct access to AirSite west via the planned western autobahn interchange.

According to current planning, two (or possibly three) new hybrid office buildings will be developed on the site, each with about 16,800 square meters of floor space and designed to meet demands for maximum flexibility in their use and the lowest possible life cycle costs. The long-term floor space requirement for a total of about 93,000 square meters is based on the anticipated growth of Munich Airport and the required removal of existing buildings for further site development.

Also planned is the return to the airport campus of the Airport Academy, occupying a space as modern as those in the hybrid office buildings. The Airport Academy is the partner responsible for consulting, training and education of Munich Airport employees and is thus the most logical place for communicating the Munich Airport brand philosophy.

AirSite West

  • Offices, retail, logistics, restaurants and hospitality, an extended-stay hotel: A lively blend of businesses and activities situated in a spacious development will form the gateway to the airport.
  • The new construction of two (or possibly three) hybrid office buildings in AirSite West will create approximately 16,800 square meters of floor space
  • Pleasant surroundings and business success

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