Compared to the general public, patients have an increased risk of coming into contact with infectious agents, especially in hospital wards. At the same time the body’s immune system is weakened by the disorder itself and by medical procedures such as operations or antibiotic treatment, and this encourages infections.

The objective of hospital hygiene is to introduce appropriate measures to prevent the transfer and spreading of pathogens in the first place. Scientific studies show that around 30 % of nosocomial infections can be prevented by the careful organization of hospital procedures and suitable hygiene management.

Hygiene management is firmly established from the start at the Airport Clinics, and all hygiene standards are updated in line with the current state of medical knowledge. A hygiene commission has been established; all recommendations are formulated by a hospital hygienist and an external hygiene specialist, then implemented by means of courses and training as well as the support of the Medical Director, the physician responsible for hygiene and the nursing staff responsible for hygiene.

The personal equipment of hygiene personnel corresponds to the requirements of the Bavarian Hygiene Regulation.

An integral part of the work of staff responsible for hygiene involves checking the working methods and functional processes from the point of view of hygiene and advising medical staff.

Our hygiene specialist will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Hygiene Officer

Dr. Röhrich