Hernia surgery

Hernia operations are the most common surgical procedures in Germany, with around 350,000 of them carried out each year.

There is a wide range of operating procedures – open surgery, without or without mesh and laparoscopic. We have developed the innovative “minimal repair technique” operating procedure for small hernia and “sportsman’s groin” (sports hernia).

The operation is performed while under a gentle local anesthetic, usually in combination with sedation (analgosedation). Avoiding use of a general anesthetic also enables operations to be performed on very elderly patients.

We specialize in “fast track surgery”, which means the surgery is carried out with the shortest possible stay in hospital – either 1 day or overnight.

Another area of focus is the surgical treatment of chronic groin pain following previous surgery. We have developed the “Intraoperative Nerve Response” (IONR) procedure to identify and localize the cause of pain, and this enables us to eliminate pain in almost all cases.


Our services

  • Operations on hernias, umbilical hernias and incisional hernias using “open” procedures, with and without mesh patch
  • Tailored surgery – the most suitable surgical procedure is selected depending on the findings
  • Sports hernia (sportsman’s groin) surgery
  • Mesh removal in the case of chronic groin pain

Making an appointment

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MediCare Flughafen München Medizinisches Zentrum GmbH

Dr. med. Ulrike Muschaweck

"I began specializing exclusively on hernia surgery 25 years ago, and since then have carried out hernia operations with gentle local anesthetics on more than 27,000 patients from Germany and abroad in my private practice. In addition to hernias, I focus on sportsman’s groin (also referred to as “soft groin”) suffered by top athletes and have developed the innovative “minimal repair” method for this.

Special techniques/procedures:

  • Open suture procedure for hernias using a local anesthetic (minimal repair, Shouldice, Desarda)
  • “Minimal repair” procedure for top athletes with hernia injuries
  • Open mesh procedure where necessary for hernias, umbilical and incisional hernias (Lichtenstein, PUMP, PEMP)
  • Surgical treatment for chronic hernia pain, including removal of implants (mesh removal)
Dr. med. Muschaweck