Precise anesthetic

All anesthetic procedures - from a general anesthetic and various regional anesthetic procedures through to sedoanalgesia (sedation) - are performed by the Airport Clinics’ Anesthesia Department.

The high level of expertise and modern equipment at the anesthesia workstations in the Operating Department guarantee maximum safety when monitoring and administering an anesthetic. The decision about which procedure comes into question in a specific case is guided by the type and duration of the surgical procedure and the state of health of the individual patient. 

Dr. med. Katharina Eichinger

Dr. med. Katharina Eichinger

Dr. med. Eichinger, Chief Physician:

“With over 33 years’ experience in anesthetics, I will select the right anesthetic procedure with you and support you safely through the operation."

Dr. med. Matthias Skrzypczak

Dr. Med. Matthias Skrzypczak

Herr Dr. med Skrzypczak, 
Senior Physician, Outpatient Anesthesia:

"Modern anesthesia is above all teamwork. Our aim is to provide you with competent and personal care from the very beginning until you leave the recovery room."

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