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A big "Like" from more than 100,000 Facebook fans

Munich Airport's Facebook fans now number more than 100,000. Thousands of users visit the "Flughafen München" page daily to see what's happening at the airport and learn about the exciting world of Europe's first five-star air transportation hub. They offer feedback and suggestions and receive answers from the airport's Social Media team in up to 23 different languages. Now the page has been "liked" for the 100,000th time.

"We're thrilled with the huge following that we've attracted on Facebook, and would like to thank all of the fans who like, share and look at our stories and videos every day. Social networks are a key component of our communications and an indispensable part of our daily work," says Hans-Joachim Bues, the Head of Corporate Communications at Munich Airport.

Along with tips on services, amenities and events, visitors to the Facebook page will find pictures and stories about the airport's sponsoring activities and community involvement. Especially popular are special campaigns such as the "Spotter Tour", in which a group of 15 passionate plane spotters recently won a custom tour of the airport featuring up-close inspections of the aircraft parked on the ramp.

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