Airport Security Management

The course provides a comprehensive introduction to fundamental elements of the airport security and security management at Munich Airport, as well as describes best operational practices, quality control measures, procedures and systems implemented at the international hub. The purpose of this training is to showcase the participants the inclusive security spectrum in order to enable them application of learnt practices, concepts and approaches at their own airports. The learning content will be presented during live operations and supported by theoretical classroom training.


Upon completion of the training participants will be able to:

  • Identify key operational elements and stakeholders of the airport security management
  • Determine standards of the security checkpoints management
  • Recognize and interpret existing legal frameworks: regulations, recommendations and standards (incl. country and international level) applicable to aviation security management and airport personnel
  • Explain screening process and procedures conducted for passengers, staff, vehicles, cargo, catering as well as other airport facilities
  • Demonstrate practical detection skills in operating X-ray machine
  • Conduct risk assessment and contingency planning exercises
  • Understand the requirements of physical security and apply preventive measures to ensure that landside, airside and special areas are sufficiently protected
  • Control access to restricted areas) and identification system
  • Implement quality control measures, relevant procedures and management techniques to monitor service agreements, supplier , sub-contractors and associated business partners (incl. goods delivery companies)
  • Set up strategy of responding to security emergencies and control of the information flow in crisis situation, incidents, state visits or during special events


  • Security Checkpoint Management
  • Quality Management in Airport Security
  • X-Ray Operator Training
  • Security Operations Management (including special events and VIP handling)
  • Airport Pass Management
  • Key and Lock Management
  • Security Regulations and Compliance
  • Cargo and Goods Delivery Process
  • Physical Security Management

Target group

  • Security Managers & Supervisors
  • Security Quality Managers
  • Security Inspectors
  • Security Officers

At a glance

  • Form of learning: Classroom training
  • Location:
  • Language: English


On request

Duration: 5 days


On request


  • Munich Airport

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  • Zip code / City  


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